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Welcome to the
Burlington Amateur Radio Club

President:  Rod Clifton  VE3ISO


Vice President:  Peter Schmidt VE3PXX

Education: Mike McArdle VE3KAH

Treasurer: Yves Isabelle VA3YVE

Membership: Rod Clifton  VE3ISO

Program Director: Leo Guidolin  VE3ZLG

Secretary:   Mark Richardson VA3OBO

Our Next Regular Meeting:

Tuesday Sept. 10th

starting at 7:30 pm.

Regular Meetings are Paused for the Summer

See you in September.

Remember Hackspace continues all Summer !

See the discussion forum for further  information.

Guests please contact the webpage for details.

Coming Soon:
The Ontario Hamfest
Saturday July 13th

Come out and meet the following Businesses.
Maple Leaf Communications
Degen Designs
AW Electronics

Band Conditions at this time

Many thanks to Paul L Herrman  Sierra Vista, Arizona USA

Radio Amatuers of Canada

These Companies support Amatuer Radio.

Please Support them.

More Details about Hamfest can be found here.


HACKSPACE operates every Tuesday evening at ShoreAcres Bible Chapel at 7:00 pm .

Come out and see what knowledge and

social happenings are being generated.

Two people studying

AllStar is now on the

2m Repeater:

AllStar is a digital mode that any radio can access.

The VE3RSB AllStar Node is 542490.

Frequency:147.210 MHz 

Offset: + 600 kHz  Tone:131.8 Hz

Please visit the AllStar page to discover some of the features that AllStar can provide.

Click here for more information.


Stay in touch with a Net

The BARC Regular Wednesday Night Net

The BARC Regular Wednesday Night Net is at 

7:30 PM on the VE3RSB System,

VHF Frequency: 147.210 

Offset: + 600 kHz Tone:131.8

UHF Frequency:444.825 MHz

Offset: + 5 MHz  Tone: 131.8 Hz


BARC Fusion Net is every Monday

 8:00 p.m.

The Fusion Net will be on Summer Holidays between May 24th and resume
after Labour Day in Sept.
Enjoy the Summer.

Connect through the repeater


VE3RSB-Room 61272


The BARC 220 Repeater

The 1.25 meter repeater is again

experiencing issues.


Please stay tuned for when the repater is restored.

Tune to the repeaters and hear what the club has

been doing and the improvements to come.

See the Repeater page for frequencies.

Happening at BARC

Map Indicating Location for Meetings & Hackspace, Burlington, Ontario

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Map to location of BARC
Website updated May 27,2024. 
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