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Welcome to the Burlington Amateur Radio Club

All Meetings are at held the Second Tuesday of the month

President:  Rod Clifton  VE3ISO


Vice President: Mike McArdle VE3KAH

Education: Hugh McCully VE3AYR

Membership: Norm Freidin VE3CZI

Program Director: Chris Foden VE3EAY

Secretary: Brian Smith VE3BNS

Coming Soon !

VE3CJ Memorial Flea Market February 29th 2020

Doors open at 8:00 am

John David VA3JHD

Read about one of our newest Hams in the the article from the Hamilton CBC.

Our Next Regular Meeting:


Tuesday, March 10th


please forward suggestions to Chris VE3EAY

if you have a subject to present

as well as regular club business

Tuesday 7:30 - 9:00
Shoreacres Bible Chapel, 370 Shoreacres Rd

Hackspace is every Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00

Shoreacres Bible Chapel, 370 Shoreacres Rd

The BARC Regular Wednesday Night Net

The BARC Regular Wednesday Night Net is at 

7:30 PM on the VE3RSB radio system.

Tune to the repeaters and here what the club has been 

doing and the improvements to come.

Congratulations to the New Hams of 2019

You can join the Amateur Radio ranks and 

Get On The Air!

BARC’s next Certification Course begins

September, 2020!

There are several lead up activities

before the Course begins so,

email Hugh NOW e-mail VE3AYR reserve your spot.

See the Education page for more details.

BARC Repeaters

Our Repeaters have wide coverage over the Niagara and Toronto Regions.
We encourage you to use them.  

Map Indicating Location for GM & Hackspace Meetings , Burlington, Ontario

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