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Get Your Amateur Radio Certificate!

Don’t Miss Out!

The next Burlington Amateur Radio Club (BARC)  

Course for the Basic Certificate starts 

September, 2021. 

Classes will be held on-line using Zoom.

Contact us now so you don’t miss out!

Don’t delay signing up as 

there are several lead-up activity before the Course begins!

For more information or to sign up e-mail VE3AYR

The Burlington Amateur Radio Club is here to support you in

your quest to become a Certified Amateur Radio operator.

This is done by:

• guiding an individual with one-on-one support

• establishing a small group for tutoring to success

• holding a series of classes

Our classes are delivered by four experienced educators with

more than 125 years of Amateur Radio operating experience.

When you share our commitment to your success,

your success is on the way!

As soon as you have decided to let BARC help you join the

worldwide network of Amateur Radio operators, email Hugh,

by clicking here   e-mail VE3AYR  Tell him who you are, how best to

contact you, and any other questions you may have.

Do it NOW so you don’t miss any of the pre-Course activities!

Whichever of the three methods is used, the cost will be

$100. This includes a Club membership ($50), the

examination fee ($20) and all learning materials.


Our Course candidates say:

  • “I wish I had you guys as teachers when I was in school!”

  • “I enjoy every minute of class!”

  • “This is fun. I wish I had done it years back.”

  • “Very enjoyable. Lots of fun.”

  • “Perfect. Love it!”

  • “Excellent course with great information and delivery.”

VE3AYR, Hugh

Ham Class 2019