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AllStar is now on the 2m Repeater

Frequency:147.210 MHz 

Offset: + 600 kHz  Tone:131.8 Hz

Using the VE3RSB AllStar Link Node

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Click on the following links for some AllStar Nets to get started.

Automatically Connected AllStar Nets

DAY:       TIME:    EVENT:                                  NOTES:

DAILY     08:15    ERC Morning Net           Question of the day, lasts approx. 45 minutes

MON     19:30    Sounds Good Net           For musicians and audio nerds

TUE        12:00    CW Practice                   Lasts 30 minutes

TUE        19:00    Absolute Tech Net 

WED      19:30    BARC Weekly Net

THU       12:00    CW Practice                    Lasts 30 minutes

FRI          21:30    Win System Tech Net       Your ham radio questions answered

SAT         21:00    Science Net                    Science news and discussion

SUN       13:00    Trans-Canada Net

SUN       15:00    Amateur Radio Newsline   Ham radio news

Node 542490
VE3RSB Burlington, Ontario

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A real-time Bubble Chart appears below.

Please scroll the image below (especially if it appears blank) to see all current connections.

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