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The Mission of the Burlington Amateur Radio Club (BARC) is to use our network of technical resources for recruiting, training and assisting Amateur Radio Operators as well as supporting the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) by providing equipment and skilled operators for emergency communications services when called upon.


BARC supports individual advancement by encouraging training and testing to obtain basic entry level class instruction to obtain an Amateur Radio License by means of class and individual instruction and mentoring.


BARC is dedicated to provide community service, when asked, and dedicated to increasing the awareness of Amateur Radio among the general public by providing education about the history, operation, functions and benefits of the Amateur Radio Service.  


BARC Supports ARES "Amateur Radio Emergency Services" for civic events such as bicycle or foot races as requested.


All BARC members have a responsibility to promote a favourable impression of the Amateur Radio Service and enjoyment of Amateur Radio for all.

Portrait of Noel Eaton VE3CJ
QSL Card of Noel Eaton VE3CJ

For more on the history of the Burlington Amateur Radio Club click here

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