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Noel Eaton portrait
QSL Card VE3CJ call sign of Noel Eaton
QSL Card of VP5BP in Grand Cayman

Our History:
Incorporation Burlington Amateur Radio Club Inc.

At the Executive meeting of February 1977, Eric, VE3AVE was directed to advise on the action required to produce a draft of a newly revised Constitution.At general meeting, Monday, September 12, 1977, Hugh McCully, VE3AYR, moved that, “the Burlington Amateur Radio Club seek at once a charter incorporating the Club as a non-profit organization, for the protection of the members liability”. The motion was seconded by Rae, VE3CZN and then carried by the members present.

A second motion by Hugh McCully, VE3AYR, that “at the same time that the Club register the name Ontario Hamfest”. Seconded 
by Rae, VE3CZN and carried by the members present.

At the regular meeting in November 1977, a draft report for Club incorporation was presented to the membership by the law firm, Hastings and Charlesbois. The process not only proposed incorporation of the Burlington Amateur Radio Club but, also, the incorporation of Ontario Hamfest as Ontario Hamfest Inc.

“The Executive decided not to proceed with incorporating the Ontario Hamfest name because of excessive cost that would incurred and the problems involving corporate tax structures with regard to fund transfers between the Club and the Ontario Hamfest Committee.”

“Executive Recommendation: that the Club proceeds with incorporation of the Club name and that it register the name “Ontario Hamfest” in the Registry Office at Queens Park”

A motion was made, seconded and carried – “That the Burlington Amateur Radio Club instructs Ms. Lynn Hastings (Hastings and Charlesbois), to incorporate the B.A.R.C. for a fee not to exceed $600.00 and to include registration of Ontario Hamfest”.

In February 1979, Ernie, VE3BIX and Ken VE3WN began together on draft By-Laws following receipt of sample By-Laws supplied by the lawyer’s office.

At general meeting on February 11, 1980, it was proposed by Roy, VE3GBZ and seconded by Frank, VE3EEL; that the By-Law relating generally to the transaction of the affairs of the Burlington Amateur Radio Club Inc., having been circulated to the general membership, be hereby adopted, signed by the President and Secretary, the Corporate Seal affixed thereto and numbered BY-LAW NO. 1″. The proposal was carried by a vote of the members present.

Charter Members All Paid-up members as of the Charter Night meeting,
December 11, 1972

Bill Ambler VE3CFY, Loreen Ambler VE3EAZ, R.B. Ashcroft VE3GBX, Brian Ashcroft SWL, Sid Bateman VE3FSH, Bob Beattie VE3FMZ, G.F. Beaumont VE3FWB, Keith Bernard VE3BSC, Roy Binns SWL, John Bright SWL, Ed Charlesworth VE3FSI, Paul Devereaux VE3AED, Noel Eaton VE3CJ, Bob Fugard VE3DUF, Les Grant SWL, Jack Gray VE3AEH, John Hayhurst VE3FBX, Roy Higgins VE3GBZ, John Jenner VE3BDG, Harry Johnson VE3FHL, Dick Jordan VE3GKJ, Brion Jorgensen VE3FUJ, Martin Kjaer SWL, Geoff Legg VE3GLL, Wayne Lockie VE3FMN, Hugh McCully VE3AYR, Irwin Merritt VE3AHB, Wib Miller VE3CIE, John Mokren VE3BFY, Bill Montgomery VE3EC, Tom Montgomery VE3FCJ, R.J. Rennison VE3BEW, Mel Riddell VE3QU, Ken Robinson VE3WN, Eric Sigvaldason VE3AVE, Tom H. Simpson VE3FFO, Bob Sinclair VE3DFS, Dave Smith VE3BKL, Jack Stewart VE3FBZ, Frank Walker SWL, Doug West VE3AEI, Ted White VE3FZT.

All call signs listed are accurate as of November 1972.
Calls may have been changed and some members are now Silent Keys
Source: Burlington Amateur Radio Club – mini-news (1972/1973)

Noel Beattie Eaton, VE3CJ was President Emeritus of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), and its President from 1974-1982. He served as American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Canadian Division Director from 1960-1974. Noel was inducted into the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame in 1993. He died at home in Waterdown, Ontario, on September 28, 1996, at the age of 86. 

Eminent and Respected 

The last living grandson of Timothy Eaton, Canadian retail pioneer, Noel's name was synonymous with Amateur Radio in Canada and worldwide. He brought great respect to Canadian Amateurs through his roles in the ARRL and the IARU.

He worked tirelessly for the betterment of Radio Amateurs not only in Canada but throughout the world.

Noel received his Canadian Amateur Licence in 1937 and upgraded to Advanced in 1958 when that licence was introduced. Prior to 1937, he had been interested in radio for many years, building his first receiver in 1922.

Born in Oshawa, Ontario, Noel graduated from Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario and received a B.Sc. in Textile Technology from the University of Manchester, England. In 1959, he retired from the Eaton Knitting Company of Hamilton, Ontario, as President and General Manager. 

Distinguished military career 

During the Second World War, Noel served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, retiring in 1945 as Chief Signals Officer HQ, No. 6 Group (RCAF), with the rank of Wing Commander.

Among his many roles, Noel served as President of the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club 1946-47, President of the Ontario Amateur Radio Federation, Director of the Canadian Division of the ARRL from 1960-1974, Vice-President of the ARRL from 1974-1982, Treasurer of the IARU Region 2 from 1964-1974 and IARU President from 1974-1982.

A charter member of the Burlinton Amateur Radio Club in 1972, Noel considered it his "home club."

Noel was one of the founders of IARU Region 2 in Mexico City in 1964 and was a key leader in gaining the "WARC" bands for Amateurs worldwide in Geneva in 1979. 

While an ARRL Director, Noel served on the Executive Committee from 1962-1974 and was a member of various ARRL Committees.

As IARU President, Noel attended many ITU and other international conferences and visited national Member Societies in 48 countries. He was presented with numerous awards and honorary memberships from Amateur Societies and organizations throughout the world.

His non-confrontational and diplomatic approach, coupled with a wide-ranging knowledge of the hobby, made him highly esteemed and respected.

It is in no small part due to Noel's efforts and skills over many decades, that Amateur Radio is thriving today, not only in Canada, but worldwide. 

Amateur Radio Ambassador 

Noel was probably the greatest ambassador for Amateur Radio in the world. He was first and foremost a gentleman, always an avid Amateur, and a very warm individual.

On his death, tributes, and accolades flooded in from Amateurs and Amateur Societies from around the world. 





Pedro Seidemann, YV5BPG

Secretary, IARU Region 2

Caracas, Venezuela

No other Amateur has distinguished himself so much in his lifetime as Noel did, earning him the distinction as our first IARU President Emeritus.

Noel, always the gentleman and colleague to us all, was Treasurer of Region 2 when it was founded in 1964. After a period of 10 years, he then became President of IARU itself. 

As IARU President, it was Noel who mobilized Member Societies worldwide in preparation for the World Administrative Radio Conference in 1979 (WARC-79).

Thanks to the fine preparation and his great leadership, Amateur Radio was very successful at WARC-79. Always with a great vision towards the future, VE3CJ then put into motion a restructuring of the IARU itself which created the IARU Administrative Council and a new Constitution. 

Thomas Atkins, VE3CDM

President IARU

Region 2

North York, ON

Noel was an active Radio Amateur, whose record of service to both the Canadian and international radio community is a shining example to us all.

As the President of the International Amateur Radio Union, he led the IARU Observer Team in Geneva to victory at WARC 1979 when we acquired the new WARC bands &endash;a lasting tribute to the leadership and dedication of this fine Christian gentleman. 


Arthur Meen, VE3RX

ARRL Canadian Counsel, 1960-1972

North York, ON

Noel was always an avid Amateur and a very warm human individual. He was just one great guy. He was always fair and always intent on representing to the best of his abilities the interests of Canadian Amateurs. 


Fergus Kyle, VE3LVO

RAC Director

Burlington, ON

One of the most interesting events of Mr. Eaton's distinguished service to Amateur Radio was when he was invited by King Hussein of Jordan to visit Jordan to instruct him in becoming a licenced Amateur Radio Operator. The King even sent his personal aircraft to fetch Mr. Eaton. The King thus became the first of a new generation of Amateur Radio operators in Jordan. 


Tim Ellam, VE6SH

Vice-President and General Counsel

Radio Amateurs of Canada

Calgary, AB

In 1979, while hitchhiking through Europe, I found myself in Geneva during WARC-79. By chance, I happened to run into Noel, who was attending the WARC on behalf of the IARU.

He took time from his busy schedule to talk about the "political side of the hobby" and how important it was for younger people to become active in their national organizations.

The fact that Noel felt it was important to talk to a scruffy-looking, long-haired Amateur from Alberta, had a great impression on me. Noel instilled in me the importance of putting something back into the hobby. 

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