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Vollick, William Albert  “Bill"  (VA3WAV)  March 23, 1942 - Sept. 21, 2021

It is with great sadness that the family announces the peaceful passing of Bill Vollick, at Joseph Brant Hospital on Tuesday, September 21st, 2021, in his 80th year. Bill was the beloved husband of Patricia (Pat) for 56 years and friends for 62 years. Loving Father of Janice (Perry), David (Michelle). Proud and fun-loving Grandpa of Rebecca, Sarah, Adam and Ashley. Loving brother of Joan (Harvey). Nephews, Scott (Anne), Jim (Kelly) and their families. Dear son of the late Webber and Irene Vollick and dear son in law of the late Frank and Leila Wickens.
Bill was a long time active member of East Plains United Church. A Fifty year Mason and Past Master of Burlington Lodge No. 165 A.F.&A.M. a Past Grand Lodge Officer, 32nd Degree Member of the Scottish Rite, Hamilton.
For many years Bill who followed his father Webber, VE3AEV into the hobby, was a member of the Burlington Amateur Radio Club.



We Remember:

2021       Vollick, Bill (VA3WAV)

2021       Globe, Ronald (VE3SEP)

2020       Grantham, Denis (VE3KVE)

2020       Panopoulos, Mike (VE3ATX)

2019       Clifton, Robert (VE3BOC, VE3YZ)

2019       Lee, Bryce (VA3TRN)

2018       Reid, Don (VE3DRA)

2018       Tennant, John Brian (VE3NXA)

2017       Robinson, Ken (VE3WN) - 

2017       Summers, John, Brian - VE3DUO

2016       Bouchard, Rene (VE3QRB)

2016       Clow, George (VE3FGB)

2016       Haighton, Rob

2015       Hayhurst, John (VE3FBX)

2014       Armstrong, Les (VA3WLA)

2014       Baker, Rae (VE3CZN)

2014       Burgess, Donald (VE3ERB)

2014       Hobart, Neil (VE3NNH)

2014       Monds, Bill

2014       Ronald, Jeffery (VE3VRJ)

2014       Schierling, Reinhard (VE3YLF)

2013       Barrette, Ted (VE3TED, VE3FK, VE3IMN)

2013       Kern, Bud (VE3CAE)

2013       Nikolai Simola, Ted (VE3DXG)

2012       Mokren, John (VE3BFY)

2012       Pereira, Charles (VA3WCP)

2012       Raycroft , Bill (VE3RIR)

2012       Rhodes, Cliff (VE3CXR)

2012       Watson, Tom (VE3CYL)

2011       Brinkman, Randy (VE3RXB)

2011       Fugard, Bob (VE3DUF)

2011       Sparrow, Dave (VA3XY, VE3XYY)

2010       Bjerke, Rolfe (VE3KTB)

2009       Carlson, Bob (VE3YVR)

2009       Prowse, Stan (VE3JSP)

2009       Stewart, Jack (VE3FBZ)

2008       Loosley, Bill (VE3JTO)

2007       Csatary, Jake (VE3AE, VE3FYY)

2007       Sikma, Bill (VE3WIM)

2006       Charlesworth, Ed (VE3ZF)

2006       Cobb, Mike (VE3MWR)

2005       McCaslin, Bill (VE3ARX)

2005       Paradise, Roger (VE3LWL)

2005       Poppe, Ron (VE3IUJ)

2004       Agnew, Ron (VE3QRA)

2001       Legg, Geoff (VE3GLL)

2000       Seigler, Max (VE3HYI)

1999       Walker, Frank (VE3EEL)

1997       Riddell, Mel (VE3QU)

1996       Eaton, Noel (VE3CJ)

1987       Wetham, Les (VE3QE)

1984       Renison, Bob (VE3BEW)

1979       Montgomery, Bill (VE3EC)

Members of the Burlington Amateur Radio Club. All contributed in some way to make the Club what it is today. 

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