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VE3CJ Memorial Flea Market

February 2023 has been cancelled.

We look forward to this event in the future.


COMPASS POINT BIBLE CHURCH 1500 Kerns Road Burlington, Ontario, L7P 3A7

Vendor Entry: 7:00 AM

Doors Open at: 8:30 AM

Vendor Admission: $ 8.00                                       

Vendor Tables: $20.00                                                            


General Admission: $ 8.00 per person                                  


Free Parking, Free Coffee

Talk In: VE3RSB, 147.210 Mhz, Tone 131.8

   Email table registrations to



Vendor Registration Form

  Please note the new location of the VE3CJ Memorial Spring Flea Market  

Close-up Map to the Church

Wheelchair friendly

No Stairs at this location

VE3CJ Information page

February 2020 "Thanks to vendors and all that made this a success"

Important Restrictions Applies to all Vendors and Tailgaters

Sale or display of weapons, contraband, illegal merchandise or pornographic or abusive material is strictly prohibited. Sale of any food items or beverages other than authorized by the Burlington Amateur Radio Club Inc. is prohibited.

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